What a day!

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At 6am my closet crashed. I didn’t know it could drive. But it crashed. I thought just a box had fallen. There isn’t a shelf on the top of half of my closet, so I have a few empty boxes precariously perched on the bar. Every now and then one of them gets off balance and falls. Well, one of them did fall, but that was the least of the crash.

The bracket holding the bar up broke, so the boxes, the bar, and all my clothes on the bar, all fell. And it was a crash. I will be complaining to the office about it on Monday. Until then, all of my shirts are hanging in the only two doorways in my apartment, bedroom and bathroom. Urg. Not how I want to start a Saturday.

It is also always interesting to spend time with others. And that’s about all I think I’m going to say about that here I think. You can learn a lot by listening.

Every week some people come through the apartment complex and spray the weeds and use huge loud blowers to “clean” the sidewalks. They used to come early in the morning. And having someone stand on your patio and blow all the dust around, is not a fun way to wake up either. Less fun I’d say than a crashing closet (until you get up and have to deal with the closet), because they are there making a lot of noise for a longer time than just a single crash. This week, after they “cleaned” my patio (and yes I’m using quotes around the word clean for a reason), I went out to look at my patio.

They’d blown a lot of the dust into the corner where my front door and storage door meet. I bought an outdoor broom a few weeks ago. So I opened my storage door, and saw a whole pile of icky dusty garbage ugly butts that the “cleaners” had blown into my storage room under the door. Ick! I swept it out and then swept the rest of my patio and got it a lot less dusty than after it had been “cleaned.”

Now, why they can’t just use a quiet broom that doesn’t produce noise or air pollution, and actually cleans the walks, I don’t know. Plus, a broom is going to be easier on your back than hauling around one of those big noisy smelly blowers as well.

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  1. Miss Giggles says:

    I found out today that the brackets holding closet bars break often enough that they just keep a whole bunch on hand and gave me one and I don’t even have to wait for a maintenance guy to fix it. I’m not sure how I feel about that. But at least it’s an easy fix. And I have an extra one now (they come two to a bag) for the next time one breaks, which better not be while I’m here.


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