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Que comida boa!

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I think I’m just a little too excited about this. But they are opening a Tucanos in Salt Lake this April. If you register on the website they’ll give you a $10 gift card to use within 8 weeks of … Keep reading


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Tomorrow is when the majority of the United States will change the time on their clocks to be one hour ahead of what they say right now. It’s called Daylight Saving, because you save the daylight for after work rather … Keep reading

March Fo(u)rth!!

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Today is the perfect day for a parade. So this thread will be my parade. Please make a comment on what you will be contributing as part of my parade. I’ve been in parades with marching bands before. But I … Keep reading

Now I know my ABCs

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Heidi, Amanda, and Mr. Me have all done this. Looked like fun. No, I would not jump off a cliff if they did. A= Attached or single: There are a lot of things I am attached to. I’m very attached … Keep reading