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Folk art. Folk tales. Folklore. The ways we decorate our lives.

And then you do it again.

Categories: Family, Folks

We understand that traditions are something you do once and enjoy, and then you do it again. Presto! Tradition. Keep reading

I like our boat

Categories: Family, Folks, Happy Things

A friend asked me if we had plans for an upcoming holiday, saying he knows we tend to do our own thing in our house and added a “whatever floats your boat” comment as well. I replied that I like our boat. Keep reading

Today’s anthem

Categories: Folks, Musings, Venting

I’ve heard people say there isn’t a musical anthem for today like there have been in times past, particularly in distressful times, times of war, times of economic depression. So I went looking to see if I could find one. And I couldn’t find one because there isn’t just one. Keep reading

Museum of You

Categories: Folks, Life, Questions

The American History Museum this week asked online, “If there was a museum of you, what would be in it?” Which is a very interesting question. Do I get a whole museum or just a display in the larger museum of humanity? Keep reading

Tell Your Story

Categories: Folks, Remembers

I’ve thought I probably shouldn’t wait until I’m old to start compiling my own personal history. Because by then it will be a huge project. Keep reading

*I* make the blankets

Categories: Family, Folks, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

The latest quilt was inspired by this embroidery on a pillowcase from my paternal grandma. Keep reading

Joy is a reason

Categories: Family, Folks, Happy Things, Musings, Old Jeans, Quilting/Sewing/Knitting/Crafting

The Creator of the plan of happiness is also the Creator of all the beauty we see around us. I’ve had several occasions to wonder if something was created simply for the joy and beauty of it. Keep reading