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I’m slightly possessive of my role as quilt maker in the family. I’m not always prompt at it, but I do love doing it. The latest quilt was inspired by this embroidery on a pillowcase from my paternal grandma (you might recall that the pansy design I use everywhere is from the embroidery on a pillowcase from my maternal grandma).

I have no idea what kind of flowers those are, but that’s just fine because I’m sewing them, not planting them. With that as the inspiration, this is the quilt that resulted.

And here’s a close-up of the different quilting on the two blocks.

I did a tiny zig-zag around all the blocks to outline them and so I didn’t have to worry about being right on the line so much. I think I like the technique. For the pinwheels I did a stipple design with light purple thread on the purple and nothing on the green. That meant when I washed it the green really poofed. The flowers are outlined in dark purple, a spiral in yellow on the center, and then arrow things in the white space in light purple. There is no quilting on the flower petals so they poofed too.

All of that meant the back really mirrored the design on the front. The pieced binding really framed the whole thing well. I think all new babies should be welcomed to this world. So for the label I simply wrote “Welcome” (plus I didn’t know her name till after she was born).

Welcome indeed little one.

5 shared thoughts about *I* make the blankets

  1. Elsewhere says:

    Beautiful quilt, Lisa!

  2. Giggles says:

    Forgot to mention that I included with the quilt a set of tiny hair bows from Bow Sweet that even match the quilt. So stylish.

  3. Mom says:

    We Love it. :heart:

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