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The American History Museum this week asked online, “If there was a museum of you, what would be in it?”

Which is a very interesting question. Do I get a whole museum or just a display in the larger museum of humanity?

When you walk into someone’s home you get an instant feel for who the person is, or at least you should. Someone once said, upon walking into my parents’ home, “You are museum people.” And we aren’t really sure what that meant. We do love museums in our family, but we can’t figure out what it is about the house that indicated as much. Right now when you walk into our home you see we love books. You see our wedding pictures. You see my quilts. You see the piano, the computer. You see things indicating our faith. You see a few things we’ve picked up in our travels. All these things tell you about who we are. They are physical artifacts that show what our personalities are. The easiest way to make a museum of me would be to turn our home into a museum.

If I just get a display though in the larger museum of humanity, I’d have to pick a few items. Having been to many museums I imagine you’d include one of my journals with it open to a specific page so you could read it and see my handwriting. I’d like my wedding dress, the one I got married in, to be on display. And one of my quilts, the spool one, whether I finish it or not. My diplomas would be there, and some of the notes my students have written me over the years. I’d want some running shoes and my scriptures as well. And photos. You could do a collage in the background of some of the photos I’ve taken.

And maybe there are a few things I’d like to be able to display that I still need to do with my life. I should probably get working on those.

But why would there be a display about me? What have I contributed to the world? How could you show the difference my life made in the world? That aspect of my life I’m not sure how to display.

What would your display in the museum of humanity have in it?

6 shared thoughts about Museum of You

  1. Brett says:

    “If there was a museum of you, what would be in it?”

    You. You would be in it.

    In wax form.


  2. Denice says:

    I am afraid my museum would not be interesting to anyone but me.

  3. Mom says:

    If it was a display about me then I would be there, probably doing a puppet show. Anyone want to join in on the chours of “Follow the Phrophet”?

  4. Giggle

    I’d like to think my exhibit would be like Umm Kulthumm’s (a famous Egyptian singer) – have recordings of my singing available to listen to. Yes, music as a whole is a major love of my life, but it’s my voice that is my primary instrument.


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