Monthly Archives: December 2011

Goals in 2011

Categories: Life, Musings

I learned a lot about myself as I worked on my goals for 2011. … And then I set up a spreadsheet. … Every day that I did that thing I got to put a 1 in the box and it got added to my overall total for the year. Spreadsheets are the grown-up sticker charts. Keep reading

The creatures are almost done stirring

Categories: Family

At our ward Christmas party earlier this month I asked Santa for a photo with him. I should’ve asked for more time. Keep reading

Sending Chirstmas cards

Categories: Life, Questions

In an age when you can send out a mass email, tweet, or facebook update, an actual piece of mail means a lot. (Same goes for thank you notes.) It’s the cost of time and a stamp that is worth a whole lot more. Keep reading

A long winter’s nap

Categories: Education, Work

It’s been a long semester. More than once I’ve slipped and called my backpack a suitcase. Which to me means that it and I have spent far too much time gone this semester. It’s starting to get to me and wearing on me. Time for it to be over. Keep reading

A strange eclipse

Categories: Science & Tech

Despite the fact that I only had to get up at 6:30 to watch the lunar eclipse yesterday rather than 2 in the morning, Brett only saw it because of the photos I took of it. He’s okay with that though. Keep reading

I’m in a book!

Categories: Books, Happy Things, Relationships

The book is “A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration.” And I just pre-ordered my copy today, not because I’ll ever plan another wedding for me, but because I’m in the book and because I’ll know people who are planning weddings some day. Keep reading

I remember at 33

Categories: Family, Happy Things, Life, Remembers

I remember at 33 … I think what I will remember most from this year is the rock solid support Brett has been for me and the dreams we made come true together. Keep reading