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Things I learned this week

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The interesting things I read on the internet this week and what I learned: birth order, brain size, voices in your head, space, birds, fonts, paper, files, brain development, vocabulary, research, clutter, and priorities. Keep reading

Library Life

Categories: Books, Education

I love libraries. … The Harold B. Lee Library is a magical place for me. … I can’t wait to see what I do next with my library card too. Keep reading

Self-esteem is a myth

Categories: Books, Gospel, Musings

Self-esteem is an illusive mirage in front of us we will never arrive at. It is a bubble that will burst at the slightest disturbance. Keep reading

First books

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I spent a rather large amount of time trying to figure out what book Iddo would hear first. … I picked a book that has shaped my own life the way no other book has and is a major part of my own identity. Keep reading

She didn’t read the book!!

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I can definitely relate to Hermione. When there’s a problem I go to the library and do some research. … I felt as prepared as you can be. I just didn’t count on one thing… Keep reading

Understanding doctrine

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There is a difference between doctrine, principle, and application. They are often interchanged and confused. … Hanging on to applications as if they were doctrine is a very shaky foundation, one that’s sure to fall. Keep reading

Not exactly news any more

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While none of this is news any more, I still felt like commenting on it. This week is the Scientific American edition. Keep reading