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This morning I had to get online with tech support while eating breakfast. My website (this website) wasn’t coming up the way it was supposed to. There was a problem bringing up the database that holds all the data for my blogs. They told me they were working on it. Apparently they’ve been working on it all day because it’s been anyone’s guess if you could get to the site or not. Hopefully they get it all sorted out soon.

There are a couple of reasons I keep my blogs. I love writing. Journal time or free writing time were some of my favorite activities in elementary school. I’m an avid journal keeper. My blogs (yes, I have more than one) are just an updated way to do that. I keep my personal journal with pen and paper, I don’t think the world needs to know all of my thoughts and there are many things that are too personal to share. But I love putting my thoughts in words.

I also really love the tech side of the blog. I learned basic HTML in school and I’ve cobbled together some pretty good PHP and CSS skills I think. I’m constantly tweaking the blog, the way it looks, the way it functions. Most of these tweaks are small and I’m probably the only one that notices them. I try to do big changes late in the day so if I happen to break the whole thing it isn’t when my mom is trying to visit. Which means occasionally when you can’t get to the blog it’s me and not my server. It’s a fun hobby though.

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  1. mama g says:
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    Think of all the fun things that have happened since you have lettered in Computers in High School. Who could have predicted where it would take you. :comp:

  2. Brett says:
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    As the only person in the household with two degrees in computer science, I should probably try to catch up on my PHP and CSS. :brett:


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