Tuesday’s Random Sampler

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I have several small things that I’m just going to lump all together here rather than write a bunch of real small posts.

Saturday morning I woke up to check out the lunar eclipse. It was quite pretty. Then I went back to bed. Here’s a photo I took.

And this is a link to a photo on Astronomy Photo of the Day – A Partial Lunar Eclipse.

Speaking of photos. Considering all the photos I have taken of temples (small sampling) it was kind of interesting that I didn’t have a photo of the temple we got married in. So last week while we were in Utah we stopped by the Bountiful temple just at sunset and I was able to get these. Love them! Now to decide which ones to print for our house.

And of course this was the sunset. That really is the best view up there on the hill.

I was watching the Brasil/Chile game on Telemundo yesterday. At one point they showed a bunch of fans watching the game in Rio de Janeiro. The announcer than sang, “Brasiiiil, tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-laaa!” :lol:

And finally, I have never laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe before like I did last night watching Last Comic Standing. Silent tear-filled laughter for several minutes. Funniest thing ever.

And you can check out a post about the Giles family reunion and our stop at the Grand Canyon on Ooh Shemo.

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  1. Mimi says:

    As a picture person, I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the ones you posted here! They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Giggles says:

    Thank you!


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