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In Flanders Fields

Categories: Life

The torch ye threw to us we caught; Ten million hands will hold it high and freedom’s light shall never die; Keep reading

A book to read (that makes you smart)

Categories: Books

It seems there’s something that’s even more important though – the number of books in your home. Physical books. That you can hold and flip pages through and bend the spines back and dog ear the pages and press flowers in and buy way too many bookmarks for. … Keep reading

A book to throw

Categories: Books, Questions

There’s something satisfying in finishing a book. … And yet there are certain books I just never got through. For some reason I just couldn’t get myself to the end. There are two books that I’m actually proud that I didn’t finish. … Keep reading

A book to hold

Categories: Books, Musings, Science & Tech

There’s something about having a book physically in your hands that really can’t be beat. The feel. The smell. New books have a different smell than old books, but I love them just the same. It’s a big part of why I really can’t see myself ever enjoying an e-reader. … Keep reading

Spicy Chicken

Categories: Food

Last night I made us some spicy chicken for dinner. Ingredients: Chicken; Salsa Keep reading

They called it, “What is it?”

Categories: Gospel

I find myself responding with a well thought out “what?” or perhaps a puzzled “huh,” when I come across them. … Keep reading

6 Months

Categories: Family, Happy Things

Yea!! Keep reading