Monthly Archives: July 2010

My inner introvert

Categories: Life, Relationships

My name is Lisa. And I’m an introvert. And I’m perfectly fine with that fact and don’t plan to change it any time soon. Keep reading

Good News Minute

Categories: Happy Things

It is 60 seconds for anyone to share whatever good news they have that week. … Surely we all have at least one good thing happen to us each week. … So take your own 60 seconds today and think of the good news in your life. … Keep reading

Power of 2

Categories: Random

Lots of good things come in sets of two. Like heads. Heads are good things to come in pairs. Keep reading

Sweet 16

Categories: Life

I’ve always been a little different, and I wasn’t exactly sure what a “traditional” sweet 16 party included, so I made up my own. And it was sweet! Keep reading

I’m on a cart

Categories: Books, Education

Okay, now who here hasn’t wanted to have someone push them on those carts? (Harold B. Lee Library) Keep reading

Drooping Rabbit Ears

Categories: Random

The Prime Time Emmy nominations came out last week. I apparently don’t watch good television. I went through the whole list and this was what I’ve seen: Keep reading

Wednesday’s Random Sampler – July 14th

Categories: Food, Politics, Random

Political fact checking. Google Doodles. Do tractors smile? Die Bugs! Leftovers. Duck beaks in my hair. Eight months. You know, the random stuff. Keep reading