A touch of feminism

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Monday evening myself and another friend were trying to get the computer up and going for the professor for our class. And it was not working. The monitor was not coming on. At all. Pushing the power button didn’t do anything. Pushing the other buttons didn’t do anything. All the cables on the back of the monitor were plugged in. And it would’ve taken a very deliberate act to unplug the other end of those cables. The station had power because the tower came on. But for some reason the monitor was not registering at all.

Except then a guy in the class basically assumed that the computer wasn’t working because it was two “girls” trying to make it work rather than the fact that the computer wasn’t working. He only decided it actually wasn’t working when he’d checked it out himself. He couldn’t trust two “girls” to know anything about technology. Guys like that don’t win points with me. And I’ve run into several of those guys in the past. And in the end I’m generally better at computers than they are.

I emailed my friend my feelings about him, and in the exact same email shared some of the recipes I’ve been cooking lately.

Because I’m just that kind of feminist. :computer:   :daisy:

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