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If you’re still working on my last “writing challenge” (telling a story with emoticons), keep working on it. I’m waiting with baited breath for what you’ll come up with.

In the mean time, here’s another one for you to start thinking about. And this time it’s real short. But that doesn’t mean it’s real easy.

NPR today did a review of sorts on a new book “It All Changed in an Instant.” The editors asked all kinds of famous people to write their memoir in six words, tell their life story in six words.

So your challenge is to write your life memoir in six words. Just six. Not seven. Not five. But six.

Related, I saw this guy recently who will write your life story on a postcard. A bit more words, but still a challenge.

I’m going to think about this and get back with my six word memoir.

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  1. Giggles says:

    Never exciting stories. Very interesting life.


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