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The solstice can be defined as when the sun is at its furthest from the celestial equator. This means that in June it is the longest day for the northern hemisphere with the sun as far north as it goes and in December it is the shortest day for the northern hemisphere with the sun as far south as it will go.

However, it can also be defined as, “a furthest or culminating point; a turning point.”

At the moment of the June solstice this year my life definitely reached a turning point. At that moment, overlooking the city lights and with the stars above us, Brett asked me to be his wife. I don’t think you get much more turning point than that.42D

At the moment of the solstice today I called him on the phone at work and we talked for a bit. After dinner we drove back up the mountain to where he’d proposed and enjoyed the view again. Many of the topics our conversation touched on six months ago just happened to come up again this evening as we sat there together. Our relationship has grown, it hasn’t really completely changed directions.

So maybe our life did take a turning point that solstice, but if it was a turn, it was a natural turn in our path, not an abrupt one that makes you lean against the side of the car as you go around it.

I wonder where our next turn will take us.

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