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First, a confession. Every six months I try to read the entire Conference issue of the Ensign (this time it was the Liahona in Portuguese because my Ensign copy was needed elsewhere). I try to have it finished before the start of the next Conference. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I’m always amazed at what I apparently missed when I was listening to it live, or even listening to it on the DVDs I get each time and watch on Sundays. I was a few talks short this time, but it will be finished in the next few days. And I have learned so much and have been consistently amazed at the timeliness of the messages.42D

Second, I still can’t snap. My thumb is getting better, but it still isn’t completely better. But, I can write, kind of. I’m better with a pencil than a pen because it takes less pressure to get a pencil mark than a pen mark. I’m very glad I can write to some degree though. I don’t know how I’d get through General Conference without being able to write down the things that stand out to me.

As this last week was ending, I began to get excited at the fact that I get to listen to the voice of a living prophet. Just as people of old listened to the voices of Moses, Isaiah, Enoch, and all of the others, I have the blessing of listening to President Thomas S. Monson, the man chosen of God to be His prophet today. What an amazing blessing that is!

There is always something that stands out to me. At the end of the first session I’d already heard several things that I know were meant for me and not the other 13 million members of the Church. But I’m sure there was something there for them as well.

It makes me grateful that my parents always made sure we attended all of the sessions of Conference and not just Sunday morning, making sure I’m in the habit of that now. If I had not listened today, I would have missed that counsel. It also makes me grateful for the wonders of the internet. I was able to listen while sitting in my own home in my pajamas eating Cheerios. Now that’s a blessing.

I can’t wait to find out what I will learn tomorrow. And then spend the next six months reading and pondering on the words and counsel of this weekend – the 179th Annual General Conference of The Church of JesusChrist of Latter-Day Saints.

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  1. Miss Giggles says:

    Amazing. Absolutely amazing. I loved Conference. And the four kids that were there enjoying it today were great too.

    Can’t wait for my May Ensign to get here and for the DVDs to follow after that.

  2. Mimi says:

    Wasn’t it great? I think that I might try to read all of the talks before the next conference, I’ve never tried it before! I love hearing the words of the Prophet and feeling the Spirit when they testify of our Savior!

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  4. Miss Giggles says:

    I just read today that Zimbabwe was able to watch Conference live for the first time this year. That’s super exciting!

    It reminds me of my first General Conference on the mission. Due to some health issues I was in the mission home at the time. They put me in charge of making sure the computer was set up so we could gather around and listen to it over the internet.

  5. Miss Giggles says:

    I take notes from meetings in my journal. That means I always know where my General Conference notes are. This time and last time I’ve also done a two page spread with a quick summary of all the talks, listing who spoke when and a word or two for what I got as the topic of that talk. It makes for a real quick reference and run-down of the talks. I still need to read through the Priesthood session and figure out what those talks are about. But I thought I’d share what I put together here. I wouldn’t be surprised if the topic I got for a talk was different from what others got.

    (SA – Saturday morning, SP – Saturday afternoon, DA – Sunday morning, DP – Sunday afternoon, P – priesthood)

    First Presidency
    President Monson: SA – progress; DA – blessings in despair; DP – don’t get trapped; P –
    President Eyring: SA – adversity; P –
    President Uchtdorf: DA – happiness, discipleship; P –

    Quorum of Twelve
    President Packer: P –
    Elder Perry: DP – member missionary work
    Elder Nelson: SP – patterns ofprayer
    Elder Oaks: DP – serve
    Elder Ballard: SP – listen to counsel
    Elder Scott: SP – temple service
    Elder Hales: SA – provident living
    Elder Holland: DA – atonement
    Elder Bednar: DP – temple covenants
    Elder Cook: SP – be an example
    Elder Christofferson: SA – covenants
    Elder Andersen: DA – God qualifies

    Quorum of Seventy
    Elder Packer: SA – revelation
    Elder Pearson: SP – faith
    Elder Pino: SP – source of comfort
    Elder Costa: P –
    Elder Snow: DA – change
    Elder Stevenson: DP – homes as temples
    Elder Teixeira: DP – Spirit helps
    Elder Watson: DP – scriptures

    Presiding Bishopric
    Bishop Edgley: P –

    Relief Society General Presidency
    Sister Thompson: DA – Christ can save

    Young Men General Presidency
    Elder Neider: SA – wisdom from God

    Primary General Presidency
    Sister Lifferth: SA – respect, reverence

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