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Natural resting place.

We all have our places where we like to be, where we feel peace, rest, and comfort. Where we live, home, should definitely be one of those places.

I have lived in a lot of different places over the years, with my family, with roommates, and by myself. For the most part, those places have all been natural places for me to be. There were a few times with a few roommates where I only went home to sleep and eat and tried to stay elsewhere as much as possible. But when it’s been up to me, I’ve tried to make my home a place where not only I felt completely comfortable, but where others felt comfortable too. My home needs to be a natural extension of myself.

When everything around you is chaos and stress, home should be a place where you feel safe.

You make your home. It is your natural environment. So make it some place you feel safe in, some place you feel protected. I love my home. It is definitely a place I enjoy being more than few other places on earth.

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  1. Giggle

    It took awhile after the first pair of roommates to move out for this to truly feel like my home, but it does now. I love it.


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