The goose is getting fat

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I have finished a Christmas present!! And it’s still September. This is quite the accomplishment for me. Normally I am putting the finishing touches on all of them late on the 24th of December. So to have one done this early is practically insane. And actually, I’m almost done with a second one as well.

Good job me!

And we immediately realized the problem with being done so early and why it might be a good thing I procrastinate so much each year. I hate keeping secrets like this. It’s going to be hard hard hard to not blab about what I think is real cool that I made and try to keep it a surprise for the next three months. That’s a very hard thing to ask me to do.

News on other presents – I’ve had the fabric for two of them for at least a year now. And somewhere in my house is that fabric. I just have absolutely no idea where. So I either need to find it in the next three months. Or I need to come up with something new. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the finding it thing.

I’m also finding myself at this point with absolutely no idea what to do for one present. And at this point in the game I’m not quite worried about it, but that will probably change shortly.

And don’t worry, I have a Halloween blog post coming soon. I haven’t forgotten the other holidays. I was just excited about this and had to share.

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  1. Mimi says:

    You are inspiring me! I really need to at least start thinking about Christmas and presents. I usually wait until the last minute, so thank you for this post.


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