Closing Ceremonies at the Olympics

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I watched the men’s gold medal basketball game last night. Would somebody PLEASE tell the announcers how to say the Spanish names? If I heard them mispronounce “Jimenez” one more time I was going to throw something. It grated on my ears every time. The stats guy can get the commentators all kinds of information, why not a pronunciation guide?

But the Olympics…

The passion.

The drive.

The desire.

The emotion

The pushing to the limits and then beyond.

The love. The love of family. The love of sport. The love of teammate. The love of country. The love of all that is above.

The Olympics are unlike anything else humanity has ever put together. For two weeks we get to see the best. There are blemishes, humans are not perfect, but it is pretty darn close.

And I will miss them.

When do the next ones start again?

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  1. Giggle

    18 months until Vancouver!

    It’s going to be weird watching regular TV again.


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