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Lately people have been asking me what happened to my arm. This might seem like a strange question to you, but you’d need to see my arm to know that it really isn’t all that out of place. There is a huge ugly bruise on my arm that prompts the question. And being the weird person that I am, I’ve taken a picture of the bruise each day so that I could see how it changed. It’s been quite interesting. I’ve even tried to pick shirts to wear each day that would coordinate with my bruise. I have a lot of shirts that match bruises in various stages.

First, the story. In short, two weeks ago today there was an accident at work. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I got hit. It didn’t seem like anything to me, but a short time later I went to fold my arms and right where I would put my hand on my bicep hurt, a lot. That’s when I noticed the huge lump and the changing colors. It still hurts now if it gets touched just enough. And because of where it is at, when I flex my arms while doing my hair in the morning, the entire muscle looks purple and green.

Some of the pictures have been my daily picture for project 365 this year. But I thought I’d put all of them here as well. The links will open up the picture.

Yes, I’m weird. I know it.

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  1. Laylabean says:

    Yeesh — That’s a bad bruise! I love that you wear shirts to match. It could catch on and Michael Kors’ fall line will soon include the color “bruise.”

  2. admin says:

    The bruise is gone. It took three weeks, but it’s gone.

    Here’s the rest of the pictures:


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