What must the neighbors think?

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The mail came while I was out getting an oil change and a tire rotation today. As I entered the door near my apartment, I could see that there was a box at my door and I let out an excited “oooo” that the neighbors could have heard. I laughed to myself thinking that they must be wondering what was going on in the hall. But it was my Christmas music box. Of course I’m excited.

That got me thinking about all the weird things my neighbors could possibly think of me. I have left my apartment at odd hours dressed very strangely many times. No one has ever said anything, but it is interesting to think about all the same.

This thought was originally much longer, but spending 2+ hours trying to find an apartment that has washer/drier hook-ups has really drained my brain and motivation.

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  1. admin says:

    I have since learned that it is possible to connect a washing machine to a kitchen sink. This opens up a whole lot of possibilities for my new apartment.

    I’m afraid I’m just in love with my washing machine. I’m not going to part with it soon.


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