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How my exercise is going. My thoughts on exercise.

How incredible is my body!

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The pre-teen and teen years can be rough on a girl. Knowing that our girls (well, all of our kids) are going to take some kind of hit like that at some point in the future, I’ve set about to build them up just as high as I can so that when that hit does come it doesn’t knock them completely flat. That doesn’t mean I’m constantly telling them they are beautiful and smart. Although I do tell them that. … And I hope I’m leading by example. Keep reading

Looks familiar

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I finished up my run and as I was walking around the block to cool off I looked down. What I saw looked very familiar to me. And it made me smile. Keep reading

News I found interesting in the last week

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I like to peruse the headlines of several different online news sites and read whatever catches my attention. Here’s what caught my attention this past week or so. I know Brett just skims these when I do them, but Brett – you’re mentioned in relation to one, so skim a little closer. Keep reading

Let’s play!

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I remember way back when we had a morning recess, an afternoon recess, an hour for lunch, and weekly PE. … So it’s been with no surprise that I’ve read a recent string of articles on the internet about how study after study is showing how important and beneficial play and movement are, and not just for children either. Keep reading

Shoes! Go!

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If you’ve ever watched a toddler walk in shoes with stiff soles, or even ones that claim to be flexible, you’ve seen that they look as awkward as when you first put shoes on a dog. Keep reading

Lay hold upon every good thing

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There is more to being good than just not doing evil, it is recognizing all the good you find no matter what its source. I am not a Hindu because I do yoga, but I recognize the good that yoga does for me. Keep reading

Articles I read and liked

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The problems with minimalism. Greatness is in your genes. Weird running thoughts. A touching tribute to WWI. Keep reading