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Shimei is a daring, throw caution to the wind, adventurous boy who lands on his feet unless someone tries to help him. He is constant motion and prefers to run and jump to places rather than just walk. If he’s up to mischief, it’s the innocent kind.

He’s laughter and silliness with such a sweet tender heart that he wears fully on his sleeve. Which means he’s also coming in for a “momma hug” a couple times a day so he can cuddle in my lap and hold his washcloth and suck the knuckle of his finger for a few minutes before he’s off again. If someone else is hurt he’s one of the first to run over and give a hug too. And he loves to help.

He admires his sisters and adores his brother. Seeing the world through his eyes it is a constant source of wonder and amazement.

Trucks are awesome. He loves his truck-trucks. He likes to take his big truck out each week so it can see the garbage truck when it goes past. Things that go vroom will always catch and hold his attention and when he’s playing with his trucks he has to lay down so he’s at wheel level with them.

My little cuddle bug sure makes me smile.


2 shared thoughts about Shimei

  1. Brett says:

    And … he can climb out of his crib now. But only until we find the next way to outsmart him. :brett:

  2. Giggle

    What fun adventures this guy will have too!


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