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We like to tell people that Shimri was kind of pissed about having to leave the Spirit World when she was born. She spent the first several months of her life looking at everything with a very critical eye and passing harsh judgements on just about everything. Then she started to accept her fate of mortality and warmed up to this place called earth.

And now, while she still has difficulties with large transitions and anything that upsets her routines, she’s an absolute hoot to be with. Part of it is that you can tell her mind and spirit are so much larger and older than her body would have you believe. She does things with such determination and purpose that it’s funny to watch in a little 2-year-old body.

She is careful, cautious, thoughtful, and opinionated. You always know where you stand with her and getting hugs or cuddles from her is a high honor because she won’t go to just anyone. She has an incredible memory and it is fun to see what associations she makes.

This is a girl who is going to go places in this world and heaven help anyone who tries to stand in her way. I can’t wait to see where she goes.


3 shared thoughts about Shimri

  1. Mama g says:

    And she loves to run around the table. :run:

  2. Giggle

    I look forward to hearing more of her adventures!


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