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When we were struggling to get pregnant and wondering if and how we would ever have children, I started seeing this graphic online and it honestly bugged me.


Because I’m crafty gosh darn it! And several times I cried because of all the things I could make and do, I couldn’t make people. And yet I looked at the world and saw all kinds of people making other people and not appreciating what that fully means and seeing it as the incredible and miraculous blessing that it is.

Now, having had the blessing of being able to have children I can honestly say it is a singular experience unlike any other. And it is an incredible blessing. The potential that these mortal and imperfect bodies have is immense. And it has very little to do with my crafting abilities and what I can do with a sewing machine or a glue gun.

As part of this blessing I am so grateful I have been able to breastfeed our children as much and as long as I have. I will confess to not always enjoying the middle of the night ones, but even those have had a sense of the sacred about them. Not only was my body able to create these tiny humans, but it has helped them grow as well.

Knowing that my time nursing is limited and will probably end before I’m actually ready, in October we had a photographer come and record for us what it is like for me to get all three kids lunch and down for naps, including nursing our two little ones. It’s kind of a crazy time of day, but it’s one that we’ve worked out a real good routine for and it was great to have it recorded like this.

keeping watch
being watched
needing more cuddles

I hope I never forget what an incredible blessing it has been to be able to give birth to our children and help them grow. Nor do I want to forget that the role I played wasn’t the only role. It took me, Brett, our fertility doctor, the embryologist, the scientists and doctors over the last 40 years who made IVF as successful as it is today, a quick thinking/working OB who didn’t let Shimei die right before he was born, and God. He is the ultimate creator. Just look at all the people He’s made.

3 shared thoughts about I’m so crafty

  1. Denicend says:

    We love you and your beautiful babies! We are grateful for you all.

  2. Brett says:

    When I’m writing my journals or other personal stories, sometimes I forget that the special events aren’t the only things that should be documented. Documenting the routines is as important, if not more so. :brett:

  3. Giggle

    Spending some time catching up today and reading this post makes me even more excited for Izri! I’m so glad you had this photo session too.


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