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You are never too old, or too young, to learn

Categories: Education

Last week I read two articles that stood out to me, for their similarities and their differences – the oldest first-grader and the learning power of a newborn. Keep reading

Things we wonder about

Categories: Health, Learn Something

How many Kleenex do you use for a cold? Why does OJ taste so good when you are sick? What would swimming on the moon be like? How do solar flares affect life spans? Is music a universal language? How do you make fuel from waste? Keep reading

7 Years

Categories: Life, Random

Seven years ago this morning my mom and I pulled in to Tucson with all of my stuff after driving all night from Utah. Keep reading

Children’s Songs

Categories: Questions, Random

In which “Where is Thumbkin?” takes over 15 minutes to sing and the ultimate fate of a baby bumblebee is up for debate. Keep reading

Smart kid

Categories: Books, Education

None of the five things to help give kids a leg up in education requires a lot of money or materials. They just require a little bit of time and a tiny bit of know-how. Keep reading

Summary of 2014 on the blog

Categories: Life, Random, Science & Tech

In 2014 I wrote 91 posts and there were 421 shared thoughts. Here is how it all broke down by month, day, and hour. Keep reading

Happy New Year!

Categories: Happy Things

Something inside me tells me this next year is going to be big. I can hardly wait for the adventures it has in store. Happy 2015!!