Giggles Parade 2011

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March Fo(u)rth!

Today is a perfect day for a parade. So we’re going to do a virtual parade (they’re easier to clean up after). And I want all of you to be in the parade.

To join the parade leave a comment and tell us what you are going to be doing in the parade. We need bands. We need horses. We need some floats. We need some important people riding around in the back of convertibles. We could have some clowns. Whatever you want to do for the parade.

Last year I rode around in a clown car. This year I think I want to drive a float. And it’s a jungle theme float Rose Parade style, so it smells absolutely yummy.

What will you do in the parade?

And just as a point of interest, this is post #950.

2 shared thoughts about Giggles Parade 2011

  1. Giggle

    I am totally one of the important people on the back of a convertible, waving to everyone! 8)

  2. Mom says:

    I’ll follow the horses with a shovel and a bucket. And…….. I’l wear a curly rainbow wig 🙂


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