Celebrating a special day

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In the third area of my mission they had hot dog stands that came out at night. Brazilian hot dogs are thing to behold. We’d pass one stand, Dog do Ceu, on our way home at night and I very frequently found a reason to stop and get one. Nobody slammed the door in our face, we didn’t get rained on, it rained and cooled everything off, I could always find a reason. In my next area it was a great ice cream place. Brasil also has some of the best ice cream ever. I also gained 30 pounds as a missionary. Man that food was good.

I still find reasons to celebrate all the time (although not very many of them involve ice cream or amazing hot dogs any more). I make a calendar every year (here’s 2011’s) with many random and obscure holidays on them. Surprisingly, there’s really only one holiday on there that I’ve “made up.” And that’s today – Shoe Day. :run:

Shoe Day is a celebration of the day Brett and I met. He sent me his first message on January 28, 2006. I didn’t reply till the 29th because I wanted to be coy and not appear desperate. And the date got it’s name because Brett told me in that first message that he had great shoes. Which is very important to know.

What reasons do you find to celebrate every day?

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