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Today is Friday the 13th. Supposedly that means it’s a bad day. I know there is a lot of superstition about the number 13, but I’ve never quite figured out why it being on a Friday makes it worse. The interesting thing is, it’s not a universal. While in the United States they won’t label a 13th floor in a building (they go from the 12th to the 14th), the mission home in our mission was on the 13th floor. (Rumor is they got a deal on the place because the mission president at the time explained that 13 was an unlucky number for Americans.)

But I’m not superstitious. And I don’t have anything to fear right now. So I’m just going to treat this Friday the 13th as any other Friday. Except of course I get to attend the temple with my family and eat at my favorite restaurant and then get up and get married tomorrow. All of which is going to be great!

I’m slightly worried about freezing during the forecasted snow showers tomorrow afternoon when we’re supposed to be taking pictures, but that’s honestly the only thing I’m worried about right now (see previous post on how I’m not nervous about the wedding because there’s nothing to be worried about).

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