Valentine’s Twice

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Saturday I got a present, was taken out to a nice dinner, went on a drive, and cuddled during a movie. It was sweet.42D

Yesterday I got a box from my mom and dad. Inside was a blanket, the latest Newbery book, a cute homemade Valentine card, spiffy pajamas (yes, I was surprised, I didn’t expect them so soon), and a spatula with hearts on it. Hurray for Valentine’s Day more than once a year!

Also, I’ve finally put up the pictures of the snow in Tucson. It was real pretty.

Also, for the last month, I have had no spam comments here. I’m loving it. I have two theories for why that could be. One could be the move, the other could be the upgrade. I tend to lean more towards one than the other, but because I did them both at the same time, I’ll probably never know. This is why you should only manipulate one variable at a time in a study. But then I didn’t know I’d want to be analyzing that when I did it, so I didn’t plan to record any data. Also, I think I spend too much time reading research.

2 shared thoughts about Valentine’s Twice

  1. Giggle

    You and me both, sister. Way too much research. Stupid grad school.

  2. Mimi says:

    I loved your pictures of the snow!


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