Gas does not equal Smiles

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I sat in on a child development class the other day. Something that was said in there bothered me. And this isn’t the first time it has bothered me.

For some reason, modern developmental theory says that babies do not smile until they are almost two months old. We are told that before then, what we might claim is a smile, is just gas.

There are several things about that which just don’t seem right to me.

First, I don’t smile when I have gas. It doesn’t feel good. My face, my mouth, my eyes, are not going to look happy when I have gas. There are times where I might not actually be happy but will pretend and smile, but babies are not that deceitful.

Second, people are very willing to accept that a baby can feel upset or frustrated or uncomfortable. We say that’s why they cry. So if they can feel those emotions, why would they not also be able to feel joy and happiness?

And then, I look at one of the pictures of my nephew, and his face just looks happy. I’d say he’s even smiling, especially with his eyes.

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