I’m still single because I’m not married

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There are people who like to say that people “my age” (meaning “older than 23 at the most”) are single “for a reason.” They never specify what the reason is though.

For men it is implied that the reason is not a good one, that there is something definitely wrong with him or he would’ve managed to get married by now. They must be creepy, weird, abusive, socially inept, selfish, etc. Now while I’ve met or known of a lot of guys who would definitely fall under those categories, I also know of men who are older than 23, single, and really have nothing wrong with them.42D

For women, it tends to be implied that it is a neutral reason. Which is completely unfair. If you are going to imply that there is something wrong with men my age that aren’t married, then at least don’t be sexist about it and imply that there is something wrong with women my age too. Yes, I do know of women who are creepy, weird, abusive, socially inept, selfish, etc, and they do have their reasons for not being married yet. But there are also women (me) who have nothing wrong with them and just aren’t married yet.

Why can the “reason” never be that they just aren’t married yet? Stupid people.

I’m still single for a reason – and that reason happens to be that I’m not married. End of story.

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  1. admin says:

    I just saw this ad on the internet. It made me laugh. The wording of it is classic!

    Over 30 and Single?
    Hurry! You become old and alone much faster than you think. Meet someone now. Our service is 100% free with no obligations. Try it.

  2. admin says:

    Oh, and one more thing. I think the reason at least one guy is “older” and not married, is because somebody needs to be available to marry me when I finally grow up. 🙂

  3. Mel-Issa says:

    Funny thing this… my brother falls among the “older” guys that are still single. Nothing “wrong” with him. I mean, we all have things “wrong” with us, it’s called being human, but it’s really annoying that fingers are pointed by the “young and the married” at the “old and the restless”.


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