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The dumb questions that pop up in my day to day life that just make me scratch my head a bit.

Survey says…

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So here’s a short survey with very important questions about life: Keep reading

Museum of You

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The American History Museum this week asked online, “If there was a museum of you, what would be in it?” Which is a very interesting question. Do I get a whole museum or just a display in the larger museum of humanity? Keep reading

Sending Chirstmas cards

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In an age when you can send out a mass email, tweet, or facebook update, an actual piece of mail means a lot. (Same goes for thank you notes.) It’s the cost of time and a stamp that is worth a whole lot more. Keep reading


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And… Random Giggles now has a frequently asked questions page. On this page you will currently find the answers to all of these questions. More answers will be added as I make them up. Keep reading

I am woman

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What is the role of a woman? [W]hat is the difference between men and women? What is it that makes a woman a woman? What is a woman not? What does it mean to be a woman? Keep reading


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While none of the [General Conference] topics are ever assigned, often you can go through and pick out a few themes that seemed to have come up often. Keep reading

Purple comfort

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I found myself one afternoon really craving purple. Which is a weird craving, I’ll admit. So I went out in search of purple. I came home with a new purple shirt, some purple yarn, ribbon, and fabric. Keep reading