And we’re waiting

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This week I am learning that “a watched e-mail never arrives.” Which you’d think would leave me time to blog. But since watching e-mails has been consuming my thoughts, I haven’t had much time to think of anything interesting.

I have two weeks left to get the data for the pilot study for my dissertation. And since I still need to meet with the teachers and set up when I’m doing that, it basically leaves me one week. I can’t set it up with the teachers until I get the okay from the university’s ethics board and the school district.

The ethics board emailed me on the evening of the 28th and told me to make my permission forms shorter. So I did and sent them first thing on the 2nd. They came back on the 3rd and said, “no, even shorter, like this, and then you are okay.” So I replied that afternoon and said, “okay, let’s go that short.” And now I’m just waiting for the official “okay” from them.

The district sent me their form on April 22nd  and told me since the principal at the school I’m working with was already on board that they could fast track my approval. I sent all my documents to them first thing on the 25th. And then I’ve heard nothing. I emailed again as a follow-up and heard nothing. I called to follow-up and heard nothing. So today I’m going to go sit in the district lobby and work on the final for my undergraduate class and wait until the receptionist gets so tired of me staring at her that she gets the person I need to give me the letter I need.

Which brings me to my other thing I’ve been doing. The semester ended yesterday with finals for the next week. I absolutely loved the child development class I taught (I worked with another class this semester too, but that’s not what this is about). They were a fabulous group of soon-to-be teachers. On Monday they had a lunch with all of their professors this semester. We started the lunch by doing a belly dance routine for the other professors. They ended the lunch by giving us all flowers and homemade cards. Love it. I love what I do. I finished grading all of their papers last night and now I need to write their 125 point test.

And then I wanted orange juice so Brett picked some up on his way back from getting a hair cut. It’s kosher for Passover, which we’re not sure what that means. But you can see how blissfully happy he is about it.

3 shared thoughts about And we’re waiting

  1. Giggles says:

    The person I need is in a meeting until 6:45. Good thing I brought a book. I might be a little late for dinner. :what:

    Although I can’t imagine they won’t have a five minute break some time in the next six hours that she can’t talk to me.

    I’m looking very professional today sitting here. Not at all like a crazy graduate student stalker. :silly:

  2. Giggles says:

    IT WORKED!!! Apparently telling someone you are willing to sit in a lobby and wait for them for six hours gets results. :cactus: 😆

  3. Mom says:

    Yay, I’m glad it worked. :love:


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