And it begins

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Even though our backyard was covered in snow Sunday morning :snow: , today I was out pulling weeds and cleaning the yard. I already broke my yard cleaning rule – no more than one garbage can full a week. But I bought a leaf rake today so I had to play with it and I was able to get our rocks a lot cleaner (as much as I hated leaf blowers at my last apartment, it was probably more of them being used at 7am than the actual leaf blower itself, I could get a lot done in our yard with one, something for the future). It’s looking great. Maybe this year I can make the grass green too.

And the weather was perfect yard cleaning weather, sunny, cool, the ground was soft. And I saw a hummingbird in our front tree. :sun:

At least I waited till March to start on the yard (although that’s probably too late here actually). :daisy:

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  1. Brett says:

    Looks fantastic! :brett:


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