And … we’re moved

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All of our sites are now moved. I keep feeling like I left something behind but it really does look like we have it all here. So I guess we’ll just go with it. Incidentally it was three years ago last Monday that I moved to Tucson.

And a HUGE thank you to Mr. Me who stayed up very late to help me make sure all of my blog databases were configured correctly. It probably would’ve taken me darn near forever without him and I would probably have several bald spots by now as well. He was extremely instrumental in moving my blogs last time too. Although last time I did it during sunlight hours rather than the  middle of the night (there was a reason I was trying to do it in the  middle of the night this time).

In short. Yea! We’re Moved! :woot: I’m going to bed.  :sleep:

4 shared thoughts about And … we’re moved

  1. Brett says:

    Like all other living, breathing organisms, missgiggles must change over time. :brett:

  2. Mom says:

    :silly: I hope you are not comparing my dear sweet daughter to an amoeba? =]


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