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I love this idea of Gratitude by the Numbers. It’s like counting your blessings, but in numerical order. Last November I listed my blessings in alphabetical order, so I’m liking this new twist. The idea is to think of a number, and then think of the blessings you have that are associated with that number. Here’s my partial list.

1 – husband :heart:
1 – year of marriage – so far
1 – house with a yard to take care of and watch grow
1 – sewing machine and quilting frame

2 – wonderful parents and great in-laws
2 – siblings
2 – paid for cars

2.5 – degrees

5.5 – years as an elementary teacher

6 – bookcases full of books (at home)

9 – siblings-in-law

11 – years of temple attendance

20 – temples I’ve attended (currently only 137 more to go until I’ve been to them all 😉 )

21 – nieces and nephews

32 – years of life (so far)

50 – pounds of flour in our food storage (I still need to clean out a bucket for the 25 pound bag currently on our kitchen table)

1200+ – elementary students

2,000 – dollars in scholarship this year

That is well over 3,600 blessings. And that’s just a start! :woot: What numbers have you been blessed with?

One shared thought about Numerical order

  1. Mom says:

    3 Wonderful children and 3 wonderful children in laws.
    10 fingers and 10 toes


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