It used to require intelligence

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Sometimes “new and improved” isn’t really so much improved. Sometimes it’s just new. And sometimes it goes so far as to be worse. Using a computer used to require knowing at least something about computers. It made it easy to personalize them and get them to do exactly what you wanted. Now they are making them easier for idiots to use. This results in making them harder to tweak and harder for me to use. Let me tweak! And stop taking away my hot keys. This “user-friendly” stuff is driving me crazy! It’s a computer for crying out loud! It’s not supposed to look fluffy and cutsey. Let it look like the technology that it actually is. I am not looking forward to the day when I have to “upgrade” a few things.

What is the deal with people not letting others sit in the back? I have been fighting for the right to sit there for the last two years. (Before then nobody every gave me any grief about it.) It feels a bit ridiculous at this point. That is where I am comfortable gosh darn it! Let me sit there!

Also, why do so many people worry about things in my life that I don’t worry about? I’m not worried about my social life, but that seems to be the main thing so many people worry about with me. Me, I’m worried about my financial situation this school year, not my social situation. If you’re going to worry about me, worry about that!

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  1. Mimi says:

    I don’t really worry about you, but now I will! I am good at worrying.


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