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Well, that did it

Categories: Education

Tonight I attended the last class session for my Masters degree. I took cupcakes for the class to celebrate. It felt good to have that done. No more driving back and fourth to Salt Lake all the time. My bank … Keep reading

It’s all done but the waiting

Categories: Education

I did it. I wrote my comprehensive exams. The three papers ended up being a total of 38 pages all together, seven of which were just reference pages. That’s a lot of research stuff. Most of it is spread out … Keep reading

Heaven is a library

Categories: Books, Education, Happy Things

The BYU library is amazing!! I went there last night because the U’s copy of The Josse Bass Reader on Teaching and Learning was lost. But the two schools have reciprocal agreements, so I was able to check out BYU’s … Keep reading

What I learned about photography

Categories: Learn Something

Apparently if you take a photo in black and white and it turns out halfway decent, people will think you are a professional photographer simply because it is in black and white. Some people have asked the parents of this … Keep reading

Comprehensive Exams

Categories: Education

Tomorrow morning I will be emailed three essay prompts for my comprehensive exams and I will have till 5pm on the 25th to write three 8-12 page papers on those prompts. I’ve gotten great grades in all my classes so … Keep reading

Relay For Life

Categories: Exercise, Family, Health, Life

I have wanted to do this for many years now. And now I finally am. Together with a group of friends I plan to walk all night from June 29th to June 30th. Cancer runs in my family. So I … Keep reading

The Crack

Categories: Life, Venting

Back in April a large crack suddenly appeared on my windshield. I mentioned it in two blog posts: The Randomness that can be Monday and A simple request. And as I remember then, it was a drastic and sudden change … Keep reading