I’m feeling very Olympic today!

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Olympic rings


Nope. Not excited or anything. Just totally looking forward to them again and plan to have them on as much as possible during my awake hours.

Also looking forward to doing the now traditional commentary with Amanda, which will be slightly different this year since she’s in Japan and I’m in Arizona so our time zones are completely off and I’ll be listening to the NBC commentary (and commenting on it) and her not so much. But since we’ve already started it last night during some preliminary events and I woke up this morning to her commentary on the opening ceremonies (she’ll get my responses tonight), we can already tell you it’s going to be good.

Events I’m looking forward to:

  • Snowboard anything, particularly snowboard cross because that sport is just crazy.
  • Moguls
  • Curling (got some in last night)
  • Luge & Skeleton, because those scare me
  • Bobsled. Go Jamaica!
  • Hockey
  • Speed skating, particularly the sprint track

I remember being completely fascinated with figure skating when watching the Olympics as a kid. And I’ll still watch it (because it’s going to dominate prime time). And I’ll still enjoy it. But I’m kind of over it.

What I’m most looking forward to: watching our kids watch it. Two years ago we got this bit of awesomeness from Shimri:

She still remembers her trick too. We’re going to make her do it every two years for the Olympics for as long as we can and then we’ll pay her to do it after that. Because awesome. Here’s her doing it earlier this week for our friends at the children’s museum.

Doing her Olympic trick

And here’s our pre-Olympic commentary to kick things off.

Amanda: Since I live in the same time zone as the Olympics and will be watching mostly through the NBC live feed (if not in person, still need to sort that out) and not the coverage packages, our commentary tradition will be quite different.
Lisa: True. But still fun. Traditions change or die.
Amanda: This is true!
Lisa: Watching USA vs Korea curling. 🥌
Mixed doubles. The US team is a brother/sister team.
I could switch over to figure skating right now, but I’m kind of invested in this curling match now. A match we are losing miserably.
Amanda: There will be more figure skating I’m sure.
Lisa: Prime time will be all figure skating. I want to see more of the other events.
Amanda: I fully support that. And agree. I think this live streaming thing will be handy.
Lisa: Two years ago Iddo told me to turn off the TV because she was tired of it being on. I’m expecting her to do that again.
She also refuses sugar treats regularly as well. She’s an odd duck.
Amanda: It does get to be a lot by the end.
I just spent an inordinate amount of money on fancy KitKats. I do not understand her.
Lisa: Interesting, both the US and Korean curlers yell “hard” when they want their partner to sweep fast.
I was surprised to understand the Korean screaming.
Amanda: Hard is easier to say than fast I think. Must be easier in English than Korean too.
Lisa: I want a pair of curling shoes.
They aren’t using the Korean word though. They are using the English word.
Amanda: Don’t they have awesome pants too?
Lisa: It’s probably the term used in the sport and since they’ve adopted the sport they’ve adopted the terms too.
Amanda: Right. So hard in English is easier than its korean equivalent. That’s what I meant.
Lisa: The shoes slide so easily. It’d be fun to go around the ice in those shoes instead of skates.
Amanda: I would appreciate that. Skates and my ankles are bad news.
{photo} One of my fancy KitKat boxes.
Lisa: Brett is duly impressed with Japanese KitKats.
I want to see as much snowboard as I can too. Snowboard cross is insane.
And I love the moguls.
Really, kind of over figure skating.
Amanda: Me too. Too impressed maybe.
{photo} Other fancy box.
I’m excited that they can use songs with words now. And one pair is using a cover by a BYU student.
I wonder when that is and if it’s while I might be there. I’d forgotten that one and it’s great!
Lisa: KitKat has always been one of my favorite candies. I think I need a Japanese passport stamp to check out this phenomenon myself.
Amanda: I’ll keep sending you KitKats too. Just not these fancy ones. Too expensive to share. 😉
Lisa: Understand. Brett loves white chocolate too so that was a great send in the last box. His favorite candies right now are cookies and cream Kisses.
Amanda: Those are tasty.
I’m glad the white chocolate was a hit!
Lisa: I can’t decide which would scare me more – luge or skeleton. Luge you can’t see where you’re going. Skeleton you can and your chin is an inch from the ice.
Amanda: I was so glad my toboggan at the Great Wall had speed control
Also, auto suggest had Redeemer instead of Wall. Probably because I did hymns for sacrament recently. Still. That was nice.
Lisa: That is nice.
Iddo was rhyming with “itch” the other day and I texted the results to Brett. I’m still waiting to see what that does to my predictive text.
Crap! These lugers are going 75+ miles per hour!
Amanda: My dad’s voice to text accidentally typed b***h (unedited) to the whole family the other day.
Lisa: Brett’s voice to text took “Also, I forget, do you prefer an M or a G as your primary middle initial?” and did this “Also, I forget, do you prefer an orgy as your dining room and I want to shop?”
Amanda: And now I’m trying not to lose it on this train.
But I’m laughing hard on the inside.
Lisa: 😁
Amanda: I am down to 14% battery. Good thing I’m close to home!
I blame maps.
Using my battery.
Lisa: Totally blogging all this. I’m feeling very Olympic!
Amanda: Yay!
As I suspected! My fancy KitKat tube has a keychain! This justifies the purchase more!
(Just got home)
Lisa: I don’t think I would’ve ever suspected a keychain in a KitKat.
Amanda: They had the contents of the tube on display, which included a keychain.
Lisa: Ah. In which case I might have suspected it.
Amanda: Yep. 😊
Amanda: All set up with the Olympics on my Roku. This is the way I’ve wanted to watch them for years – on demand and live. I can watch the USvKOR curling match!
Some team 4 years ago had great curling pants. I don’t remember who. Maybe the Swiss?

2 shared thoughts about I’m feeling very Olympic today!

  1. Giggle

    I love that you included a good chunk of extraneous conversation as well. These will be fun memories in the future!

  2. Brett says:

    When I become an Olympic curler, I’m going to yell “piano!” and “forte!” just to throw everybody. :brett:


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