Eighteen Years

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Eighteen years ago today I entered the MTC to prepare to serve a mission in the Brazil Curitiba Mission.

This week I fed my kids black beans and rice for lunch (a very regular occurrence at our house). And every night I sing each of them their own special song and tell them good night and that I love them in Portuguese. They are also very familiar with the term “cuidado!” (caution) and the phrase “vem cá!” (come here!). And I still say all of my personal prayers in Portuguese.

I cannot honestly say that at this point my time as a missionary was the best 18 months of my life. That would be the last 18 months. But it was probably the 18 continuous months since early childhood that had the greatest influence on the rest of my life.

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    I love that you still keep up your Portuguese. I look forward to practicing my languages with my kids someday, and it’s possible they’ll even have a reason to learn it depending on how things shake out!


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