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I just realized that as of next month I will have lived in Tucson longer then I have lived in any other city – 8 years and 11 months. That’s how long I lived in the Salt Lake City area when I was a kid. And that’s why when people ask where I’m from my first response is “heaven.”

When people ask where I’m from I’m not sure if they’re asking where I live now (Tucson), where I was born (Salt Lake City), or where I grew up (do I say Salt Lake where I lived till I was almost 9, Santa Fe where I lived after that, or El Paso where I lived while I went to middle school and high school?). And it’s definitely not where my parents live, they’ve moved four times since I graduated high school. It’s a much more complicated question then the average person asking understands. So “heaven” is the best answer.

But wherever I am, it’s home. I’m from heaven and my home (currently) is Earth. While I think it would be an adventure to live in other places I am also very happy to live where I’m at, to have the chance to settle and explore this small corner of the world. Home is what we make of it and I choose to be happy and enjoy where I am. Especially because this is where my family is, where my husband and children live. People have also asked if Brett and I have family in the area and that’s why we moved here (separately). Neither of us had family here at the time, but we do now because we have each other.

This is my home. And there’s no place else I’d rather be.

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  1. Brett says:

    An oldie but a goodie:


  2. Giggle

    I have lived relatively equal parts of my life in Utah, Texas, and Virginia, and my times there were formative for different reasons and will always feel like home. Now Japan feels like home, even though it hasn’t even been a year yet, and who knows where we are going next. I definitely agree that home is where and with whom you make it!


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