Two More Turtle Quilts

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The thing with twins is that you often have twice as many things to get ready for them but you don’t have twice the time. Which is why if it took me two months after Iddo was born to finish her turtle quilt, it isn’t surprising it took me just over 13 months to finish Shimri’s and Shimei’s turtle quilts. They did have mommy flannel blankets when they were born, so they haven’t been without a blanket. But their quilts are finally done. And I love them. I love that each of our kids’ quilts are unique but that there are elements in each that tie them together too.

The backgrounds and turtles are all from the same fabrics and they all have pinwheel blocks at the corners. The girls both have flying geese borders (Shimei’s is a piano key border) and their turtles face the same direction. The green and white fabrics on Shimri’s and Shimei’s quilts are the same. The bows on the girl turtles and the blue balloon on Shimei’s quilt are the fabrics from their coming-home-from-the-hospital outfits.

Iddo's turtle quilt
Shimri's turtle quilt Shimei's turtle quilt

And yes, per Brett’s request, those are Mario style mushrooms on Shimei’s quilt.

I hope they can always feel the love I put into these when they wrap up in them.

4 shared thoughts about Two More Turtle Quilts

  1. Denicend says:

    They are beautiful. I do not know where you find the time or have the energy to do them.

  2. Brett says:

    For your listening pleasure:


  3. Giggle

    Beautiful! I’m confident your children feel very loved in lots of ways.

  4. Denicend says:

    They are so much alike yet they are different and that makes it so fun.


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