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Last year I finished my first knit sweater. I’m very proud of it as my first attempt and this year determined to do better. Shimri is wearing the sweater my dad knit for Iddo two years ago right now but Iddo said Shimei needed new sweaters.

First, yes, it’s my dad that knit the sweaters. It keeps catching me off guard when people are so surprised by that. Why is a man who knits such a shock to so many people?

Anyway. This year I wanted to make sure the sweaters weren’t too small by the time I finished them. It was a close fit last year with Iddo. So instead I made them too big. Shimei’s isn’t that big and will definitely fit him till it gets warm again. It’s possible that Iddo will be wearing hers again next fall/winter. Since Iddo’s doesn’t have a hood on it I need to knit her a hat now too. But she loves her “fuzzy and blue” sweater. I used extra thick yarn and big needles and they both went very quickly. Shimei’s sleeves were knit using the magic loop and I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan but it is handy when I need to knit in the round using a size I don’t have in double pointed. I was rather surprised at how different the gauge is when I’m knitting in the round compared to straight knitting.

Iddo's Fuzzy and Blue sweater
Shimei's deep blue sweater

Perhaps next year I’ll get a bit fancier with my sweaters. My seams and cast-ons and bind-offs are better this year than last so I’m very proud of what I did this year.

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  1. Denicend says:

    Cute sweaters.

  2. Brett says:

    Looks good! Not that it is the specific topic of this post, but I always enjoy walking behind Iddo and seeing her monkey ears bob up and down when we’re going to get the mail. :brett:

  3. HeidiAphrodite says:
    1 person giggled

    Yay knitting! I got some GORGEOUS hand-spun and -dyed yarn at the Taos Wool Festival this year, and I’m excited and scared to knit it into the shawl pattern it came with. I really need to start learning sweaters, because I keep buying pretty yarn and I have very limited storage space for it all…

    Also, it’s always funny to me how people think only women do anything with yarn or fiber or fabric. Men ran the textile industry for hundreds (thousands?) of years, and there’s a theory that knitting was invented by men who were mending and making fishing nets. So there, all you doubters. :whistle:

  4. Giggle

    Super cute!


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