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I had a roommate ask me once what was wrong with me that I didn’t date. Pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with me as I clearly figured out the dating thing and married Brett. I knew the stereotype of women “needing” to be a helpless damsel who didn’t stand out from the crowd, but that’s never been me (unless there’s a moth involved, then I’m a helpless damsel). It’s nice to see the science actually supports being a strong independent woman and that that’s what men really want.

Our kids are unbearably cute (I’m totally biased). I’m going to start carrying around bubble wrap to hand to people who want to squeeze my kids.

I did not know there was a record for how long bells have been rung. I love the last line of the article. And considering that people do like to sleep I hope this record stands for a very long time because breaking it would start to get in the way of the neighbors going to bed.

I also did not know there is a world record for fastest marathon while pushing a stroller/pram/buggy. I absolutely loved running with Iddo last year and would love to get out running with at least one of our kids in the stroller again. Scheduling it is the problem right now.

Thomas Jefferson is probably one of my favorite founding fathers. Finding a chemistry lab he instructed to be built – that’s cool.

Shimri can scream to wake the dead. Twice within her first three days of life, while we were still in the hospital, she screamed so loudly while we were changing her diaper that nurses came in from the hallway to make sure we weren’t killing her. I wonder if we can’t get a hold of these researchers and offer to let them record her screaming for their studies. I’d like to see the roughness level on her screams.

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  1. Brett says:

    “Our kids are unbearably cute (I’m totally biased).”

    No you’re not. I think so too. :brett:

  2. Giggle

    Hooray for nonconformist women!


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