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Clear back when, I bought a jacket pattern and some lovely red corduroy to make myself a great jacket with. And then I didn’t. But I did make a great black corduroy jacket with the pattern three years ago. Last year, with my goal to sew more old things than new things I pulled out the red corduroy again. And I got as far as cutting it out. It’s progress.

Finally, the first week of this year I started sewing it. It always feels like cutting out sewing projects takes forever and then the sewing is real quick. But that’s never the case. It might just feel that way though because the sewing is more fun. So it took me just over a full day of sewing to get the jacket done.

It might have gone quicker except I’ve now made a wedding dress and that changed my sewing. I know more techniques now, and I’m less likely to leave little mistakes, which is why I ended up cutting out two sets of breast pockets and completely removing one set after it had already been sewn on. It’s also why my red jacket is fitted and my black one is boxy. And because I’ve been reading sewing blogs (like this one where she made a red corduroy jacket) I tried cutting the yoke on the bias and I really like the chevron look of the corduroy there. It’s subtle.

And here’s a picture of me in my new jacket on my first day of school this semester.

It’s more of a fashion jacket than an every day jacket, but I’ve already found several outfits to wear it with this month.

7 shared thoughts about My new jacket

  1. Mom says:

    very spiffy 😀

  2. Elsewhere says:

    You are sew *giggle* talented, my friend! I think the tights kinda steal the show though!

  3. Brett says:

    Gorgeous! :brett:

  4. Giggle


  5. Mitali says:

    Very cute! I can’t believe you *made* that! REALLY?!

  6. Giggles says:

    We should get some closer photos so you can see it better. Except right now I’m wearing my wool coat more because it’s COLD.

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