True Blue Miracle

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One of the miracles in my life recently has been Brett. I’m so glad, and often amazed, that he married me (one year, one month, one week, and one day ago). This past year has been a real ride. For the most part it’s been great and we’ve been able to smile, and laugh, together through all of it. I’m amazed he laughs at me as much as he does and doesn’t roll his eyes more actually. There have been some hard parts about life too. But we’ve been together on those as well. This particular comment on a post at A Practical Wedding really stood out to me as encompassing a big part of what marriage is. “It’s about having someone who picks up all your pieces when you can’t, and puts them back together just the way you never knew you wanted.” Love is a wonderful miracle.

What are the wonders and miracles in your life right now?

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  1. Giggle

    I think the biggest one this week is that while there has been LOTS o’ stress regarding my dad’s recovery and taking care of him and there have been little fights, we have yet to totally blow up and dissolve into madness at the same time. Yes, I bawled in the shower the other day, but it wasn’t a team event. Team showers would be weird anyway. 😉


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