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:snow: Today is “Cut out paper snowflake day.” Did you cut out any? I tried my hand at a few.

I think I need to put a few on our windows. Then we can at least pretend there’s snow outside. Some friends of mine (who live in Canada, so they have actual snow), hung some 3D ones in their kitchen too. They look great. I had a whole stack I put up in my classroom when I was teaching elementary school.

I love the real lacy ones (speaking of lacy snowflakes, crocheted snowflakes are one of the reasons I want to learn to crochet). But I think I need sharper scissors and thinner paper if I want super lacy ones. I’ve read that if you spritz them (the paper ones) ever so lightly with starch and then lightly iron them they keep their shape better when you hang them. And with a little bit of thread and some scotch tape you can hang them each individually from your ceiling and make a small snow storm in your house.

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