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The worldwide art competition the LDS Church Museum has every three years recently opened in Salt Lake. This year, due to the large number of pieces, they are displaying them in the Conference Center rather than the Museum. They will be on display through October 11th. I really hope I can make it up to Utah to see it.

When I still lived in Utah I loved going to this. Each time they pick a theme and then leave it up to everyone to decide how they want to interpret that theme. This year’s theme is, “Remembering the Great Things of God.” People all over the world submit entries that represent not only their personal feelings and testimonies of the Gospel along the lines of the theme, but also the art styles of where they live. There are paintings, fabric works, sculptures out of wood, ceramic, stone, metal, so many different styles.

It is an amazingly beautiful visual of just what a worldwide Church this is.

Three years ago the theme was, “Our Heritage of Faith,” and one of my favorite pieces pulled from the artist’s Arabic heritage as well as his LDS heritage and he created a graphic representation of the Psalm of Nephi in Arabic calligraphy – Mazmuur Naafi: The Arabic Psalm of Nephi by Jamal Qureshi. It completely captured my thoughts, the soft and yet bold colors of the yellow and blue, the flowing of the letters, the arrangment of the text, I loved it all. I bought a book that had an article about it and it is something I would hang in my home.

I love the idea of visually representing broad ideas, thoughts, and feelings such as those we have for God and the Gospel. While the oil paintings impress me, I love the traditional arts and how traditional techniques and motifs are used in a slightly new way to tell a whole story of faith, devotion, and love.

The theme for 2012 is, “Make Known His Wonderful Works.” Maybe next time will be the time I try my hand at submitting something.

Links to selected images of past competitions

The photos here are some I have taken of just a few of the “Great Things of God” in my life. Sometimes we have to remember how great the real small things are.

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