They should be shot

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People who smoke should be shot. They’re killing themselves anyway, why not make it faster.

One of my neighbors smokes. So that means that when they do – my apartment smells like a cheap motel (and I don’t stay in motels). And lately, whatever they’ve been smoking makes the inside of my nose burn. Which makes it real hard to go to sleep at night when they decide to smoke then.

How do their rights extend to not only killing themselves slowly, but killing others slowly as well? Why do they have the right to make my apartment stink?

I’m training for a marathon here, I don’t need them screwing up my lung capacity. When I run past a car where the driver is smoking, or I’m at an intersection waiting for a light to change and there is a car with a driving smoking waiting to, I feel like yelling over at them, “Hey, I’m trying to breathe here, do you mind?”

It’s illegal to kill people quickly. Why isn’t it illegal to kill people slowly? It’s illegal to vandalize the property of others. Why isn’t it illegal to vandalize the property of others by making it stink?

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  1. Miss Giggles says:

    Look, I’m not the only one: Open Letter to my Smoking Neighbor.

    And these statistics are incredible: How the butts stack up. I hate all the ugly butts around my door too. Disgusting.


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