Changing Perception

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to teach an under-graduate class about cognitive theories. To help me prepare for it, I went back and pulled out the books I used when I was first learning these ideas as an undergrad. It was interesting for me to reflect back on my feelings on these topics back then. I thought they were interesting ideas. One or two caught my attention at the time. But nothing really grabbed me. They were classes to take and little beyond that.

I am very glad that what I wanted to do with my life then is not what I must do forever.

I do not think it was in the presentation of the topics that they really did not seem exciting to me then. I think it was where I was at in my life at the time.

But I am looking forward to spending the next big chunk of my life delving deeply into those same topics I passed over earlier.

This is the power point I used for my lecture yesterday: Cognitive Theories

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